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eXtreme DIESEL

Vin doing his sexy, sultry thang in black & white

Most Recent Update?
November 29th, 2003
Riddick update on the FILMS & PROJECTS page
And of course, as with every update to the site... another new Vin photo

Welcome to eXtreme Diesel.

This site is a continuing tribute to Vin Diesel and his work as an actor, writer, producer and director.
The site is updated weekly unless other considerations get in the way.
To navigate, the links to the rest of this site are right above the main picture on this page.  I hope you enjoy looking around.

Jarryd, September 13th, 2002.

Extra Info...
Links to other Vin Diesel sites and a Web Ring can be found by scrolling down.
If you want to send fan mail to Vin, go to the VIN page (link at the top).
If you want to talk about Vin, go to VIN CENTRAL in the links below and participate in the forums.

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About Each Page

Film and Projects: Features news on Vin associated with his projects.  Past films, current projects in development, and those that are in the planning stages.  Some of the information may come as way of gossip, but we'll see how many actual hard facts I can dig up first without having to resort to vomiting up trash!

News: Features more 'general' news regarding Vin, that is not necessarily based on his film work.

Vin: Features a biography of the actor, and some personal reflections regarding discussions I've had with people about Vin.  The page will change over time as the enigma wrapped in a mystery that is Vin reveals more about who he is and where he hopes to be going in his life.  Contact information for sending fan mail to Vin Diesel is also supplied on this page.

Inspired: Features original fan fiction written by yours truly.  The first peice of fiction is based on the film Pitch Black - which arguably thrust Vin into stardom, and the second is in script form and based around the role playing game D&D. Why a role playing game?  Vin is a fan, and so am I.  Don't knock it until you give it a try.  Both are ongoing works in progress.

Pitch Black: Features information on the sleeper hit, and a rundown of some of the behind the scenes happenings during the filming in Australia.

Xander xXx: Features a review of the film that further cemented Vin's star status.  Coming as soon as I have the time will be a review of the DVD and it's special features.

Guests/E-mail: Features a Guestbook so if you're in the mood you can write something nice!  Plus a single e-mail address to reach the Site Administrator.  If you want to contact Vin using one or all of the various fan mail addresses, you can find them on the VIN Page.

Fans:  Features fan art and fan profiles.  This section of the site is dedicated to VIn's fans as they are as passionate about him, as we are sure he is as dedicated to us and our support.  :-)  If you have any Vin inspired poetry, or artwork, e-mail it to me - just follow the instructions on the page.

Something that might be of interest to other Vin fans...

I've included my favourites below.

I haven't had time to explore every Vin site on the web, but one day I'll get around to it, and hopefully add them here.

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